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The Ruff Table

You don’t have to worry about choosing function over fashion with this dog house! Your indoor space deserves a beautiful piece of furniture just as much as your pup deserves to lounge in comfort and style. The RUFF Table will give you just that!

Handcrafted out of local post oak and white pine, this gorgeous dog house features a slightly raised platform with leveling feet at the base of the table that houses a plush and comfy cushion perfect for your best friend to relax and snooze. The post oak cross braces even make for a perfect spot for them to rest their sweet little chin! A drawer was added so you’ll have a place to store leashes, toys, and all the treats! You pup may not be able to reach the top of the dog house to appreciate the view, but the woodgrain on this post oak tabletop is the real star of the show, complete with spalted maple bowtie inlays and finished with a non-toxic, food safe – food grade wood oil and wax. Although the finish is durable, we’ve included a set of four matching post oak coasters engraved with a friendly reminder – please don’t RUFF up the table!

She'll be on display AND up for auction at The Houston World Series of Dog Shows from July 20th - July 24th. All proceeds go straight back to Citizens for Animal Protection to help them continue to rescue and rehome animals. CAP is an organization that will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are so happy to be able to give back in honor of our sweet girl, especially this year.

Dog house measures approximately 22” x 22” x 34” tall.

On February 24, 2018 we walked into CAP fully intending to adopt the fluffiest little girl that looked like an actual mop... but that didn't quite work out. Instead we met this little ball of fur and teeth and after TWO WHOLE SECONDS alone with her, we realized that she was the perfect girl for us. She stole our hearts and fit right into our little family like she was the piece we didn't know we were missing. We named her Kitty because, of course, nothing else made sense for a soon-to-be eighty pound rambunctious ball of fur and teeth.

Any time we needed a laugh, she was there with a big ol' man-sized burp right in your face or a kiss right on the mouth (she had NO shame). Any time we needed a snuggle, she was right there invading our personal space like any eighty pound lap dog should. Being outside was one of her favorite things. She'd ring the bells by our back door just to go out and sunbathe, play ball, yell at the neighbor's cows, or lie in wait to catch that dang gopher... she caught one and never stopped trying to catch another!

And if we were going out to work in the woodshop? We certainly weren't allowed to go without her in tow. She was always the first one out the door and stayed underfoot or close by, laying in a pile of sawdust and supervising every move. She was thoughtful too, always coming in at the perfect moment to dramatically drop her ball in front of us as if to say, "YOU NEED A BREAK AND I NEED ATTENTION! LET'S PLAY!" When we'd take product photos, she seemed to instinctively know what was happening and she'd find her way right into the frame like she was the Tiptop Woodshop official spokesmodel. Darn it did she take that job seriously. She was a superstar. However, she wasn't the best intern - she was constantly taking off with cornhole beanbags or snagging scrap wood and trotting around proudly because she found a new stick!! In spite of her thievery, our girl was the most loyal shop dog you’d ever meet.

In January of 2022 Kitty was diagnosed with lymphoma and we immediately put a lot of our lives on hold to make sure we could spend every minute she had left by her side the way she spent the last (almost) four years by ours. We spent hours sitting outside in the sun with her, going on car rides, and spoiling the heck out of her (even more so than usual if you can believe it). We wanted to make sure she was as happy as ever and that she knew we loved her more than anything. I know we did our very best but a part of me still wishes we could have done more. We said goodbye to her on Valentine’s day and we have been absolutely shattered ever since, to be perfectly honest. Our hearts are broken, we miss her terribly, and the shop just isn’t the same without her.

We know that she was especially popular with all of you – every time there was a post featuring her sweet face our engagement was always higher! She loved those analytics and we tried our best not to let them get to her head, but she was a rockstar and she knew it! Thank you guys for loving her so much during the short time we got to share her with you all ❤️

We have endless gratitude to Citizens for Animal Protection for introducing us to our sweet girl. They are an organization that we will always support. They do so much for our furry friends and adopting a rescue from them changed our lives. That's why when we learned of their annual PAWchitecture competition, we knew that we had to participate. We are so honored to have had the opportunity to create a doghouse in Kitty's honor and to be able to give back to an organization that has given so much to us. We hope that you (and your best friend!) will love our doghouse as much as we do.


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